Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Annapolis Missional Community Plant

For the past several weekends, I've made my home with the Pastermack's, a wonderful couple about my age in Annapolis, MD. They're doing something that I've only dreampt about. They own a very popular ice cream shop on Main Street, live right above it, and have a church that meets in their home, not to mention that every weekend night you can walk upstairs and find anywhere from 5 to 15 people having real conversations in their living room. Now that's fun!

Initiated by the big suburban Bay Area Community Church, this new missional community is committed to reaching downtown Annapolis. Squeezing 50 people into the living room on Sundays takes some imagination, and so does reaching the very different people groups downtown. I love that the mothership has given this core group permission to plant simple missional churches. They're laboring and struggling to figure out what it looks like, but the core remains the same - loving Jesus, loving one another, and loving those outside their little fellowship.

It's refreshing to see a church blessing and empowering its apostolic members. It will be fun to continue to watch this hybrid network of big church and simple church unfold. They're providing a model other megachurches would do well to learn from.

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