Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sincere Plea for Prayer

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking about how to hand this whole ministry off to someone else. I came home in the afternoon after a morning meeting with our pastor adviser and an intense situation with a summer project in town....and just crashed, my body wiped out.

This low point hit me in the middle of a lot of other great stuff happening...lots of people coming to Christ, an outstanding visit from a California church that may lead to additional full-time laborers, growing connections with pastors and ministries, etc. I began to see the correlation.

In the midst of growing ministry power and influence for Christ, the spiritual warfare has taken on a new level. The Lord in His graciousness has made this obvious to my team and me.

The church group that came down had a heightened sense of the spiritual warfare going on and bathed themselves and our ministry in prayer. It was evident by their protection and power in the city during their time with us.

Then, speaking with some of the leaders of the missionary kid project here in the city lead to greater awareness. These missionaries have lived all over the world and traveled to literally hundreds of cities in dozens of countries. Without any prior context on the spiritual battle in Mexico City, they began to share how their ministry has been more difficult and spiritually heavy in this city than in anywhere else in the world. They described several instances of warfare and difficulty.

I have no doubt that with our upcoming mobilization events, Satan has increased his level of forces in the city. Idolatry and paganism have deep roots here, and he refuses to relinquish strongholds setup against the kingdom of God. I ask you to join us in concerted prayer for the world's second largest city and for our band of Gideon warriors believing God for the impossible.

I am convinced that we are on the edge of major spiritual breakthrough, and I don't say that lightly or with a distant hope. I say it with a great degree of certainty. I will share why in my next post.

Please pray for us and for our Rick Warren mobilization event on August 8th with 3,000 pastors and our student event with over 3,000 students on September 20th.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Building A Whole New "World"

Now this is creativity...perhaps a touch exorbitant, but creative nonetheless.

And how else to get to your new island except by submarine car.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blatant Bias of the U.S. Media

Whether or not you've cast your hat in the ring with McCain or Obama, you should be disgusted with blatant media bias toward any candidate. With discretion in mind, I'm posting this video made by the McCain campaign just to show how the media has decided to get in bed with one side. (I track the websites of both candidates.) You be the judge for yourself.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Crazy Things Kids Ask

I visited the missionary kid summer project last night and shared what I felt like was a pretty visionary talk on what God is doing around the world. I shared all the best stories...the lame walking, the blind receiving site, resurrections from the dead. Then I finished it off with the haymaker to help these high school kids from 29 different countries see their role in God's global plan of redemption.

And right as I was about to close, a hand shoots up from a young man in the front row. I'm thinking, "He's so eager to jump into this, he can't even wait. He probably wants to express his passion to serve the Lord in missions to the whole group."

I expectantly gave him the floor.

His question: "Can you flex for us?"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coaching the Millennials

I came across a piece from CBS on the emergence of a new generation of workers called Millennials. They've surfaced some truths about a new breed of American worker. If you plan on engaging this generation, I recommend you start learning now.

You'll hear two key words that we use a lot in working with our newest laborers: coaching and coddling.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm losing my mind down here with a thousand details in preparation for the arrival of new laborers, the start of a new school year and the preparation of several major events. God has opened the floodgates, and I should be sharing some incredible stories. I plan to soon. But for now, here is a great video by a few old Crusade guys explaining one of my favorite pastimes - cornhole.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

29 Nations Converge on Mexico City

Why are all these nations gathering in Mexico City?

The World AIDS Conference? Not yet.

Pre-Olympic meeting? Nope.

Formation of the one world government? Hope not.

Actually, the representatives of these 29 countries make their visit to Mexico as a result of Campus Crusade for Christ's MK2MK summer project. MK2MK connects missionary kids from around the world for one month every summer to live together, learn together, and minister together.

As "third culture" kids, these students know the good and bad of the world better than most. And they plan to make a difference through the power of Christ. You can see for yourself how their initiative has had an impact at home and abroad.