Monday, March 31, 2008


My heart physically aches right now. (I should probably get this checked out.) At the same time that I find myself filled with joy at the thought of Kathryn Taylor joining us next year (Kathryn is one of the sharpest leaders in Campus Crusade. She has led the city ministry in New Orleans, LA for several years following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, helped launch multiple movements around the city, aided in the organization of thousands of relief workers, and was one of the most sought after leaders during her latest transition period.), we are still going to fall short of the massive manpower we need to see 400 university movements launched and sustained.

This August, Rick Warren will join us for a conference aimed at 3,000 Mexican pastors. In September we will hold a follow-up student event in the Metropolitan Theater, a national landmark. Although these events are really "cool", we never hold events solely to have an event. We pray daily that these conferences will help move people closer to Jesus Christ and bring transformation to this massive city.

We are in the midst of a historic movement of the Spirit that possesses the divine potential to transform one of the world's super cities. What we desperately need now are men and women who will believe God to see thousands of students reach one million of their peers and help change their city.

I believe John Wesley said it best: “Give me one hundred men who love Jesus with all their hearts and who do not fear men or devils and I care not one whit whether they are clergy or laity, with these men I will change the world and usher in the kingdom of God in one generation!”

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Splash in Acapulco - 208 Receive Christ

This one goes down in history. I really didn't know how our first major student conference in Acapulco would turn out. And after the first day, I thought this vision I had several months earlier might implode like a sand castle on the beach at high tide.

But God just had a different idea in mind for the start of our conference, and after the craziness of the first day, the fun really kicked in. I work alongside a staff team of absolute superheroes who have worked their tails off this month. Some of their hard work paid dividends in Acapulco.

150 people heard how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, share their faith effectively, and start movements on their campuses. Here is just a small piece of the picture of what God did:

  • 3,300 Exposed to Christ (on the beach and in the city through the students)
  • 208 New believers
  • 110 Students made commitments to be a part of a campus movement
  • 70 Committed to help friends start movements
And those are just a few numbers. The stories continue to come in of students who have experienced personal transformation and are now following Christ on their campuses and are believing Him to launch movements.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Break Acapulco

Here in Acapulco for a student outreach event. This morning students are believing God to reveal to them a faith goal. What step of faith do they need to take this week, and how many people will they believe God to share the Gospel with?

Kathryn Taylor, an all-star directing the New Orleans ministry, is here with us for two weeks. She has helped order the chaos of our events. We threw her right into the middle of Mexican March Madness last night. She handled the news of a last minute room change, two bus breakdowns, airline problems, delay of translation equipment, and a misplaced VPU like a champion. And this morning God filled this place!

May thousands of unexpecting party-goers encounter the transforming power of Christ this week!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring Breakers Mean New Movements

March Madness has begun! We had 10 students down here last week to help us launch missional Christ-centered movements on campuses across the city. We have two new official movement launches and a few more in process...very cool! The students from Wayne State (Nebraska) and Regis (Denver) really went after it.

The weekend before the movement-launching began, we took them up into the mountains outside of Mexico City for some ATV action, horseback riding, and hiking.

This week nearly 70 people will join us for a really fun week.