Thursday, December 27, 2007

Million Dollar Megachurch Megashows

Pros and cons to this growing trend among the nations megachurches.
During the Christmas season, thousands of people take a pilgrimage to a 52-acre site on the grounds of the Savannah Christian Church to experience the birth of Jesus in a make-believe Holy Land.

They take a boat ride across a massive lake into Bethlehem, where they mingle with the townspeople who greet them with fresh water, fruit and assorted cheeses. Roman soldiers on white horses lead them along a lighted path, where they encounter the Three Wise Men with a live camel resting at their side. They look on as the archangel Gabriel appears at the Virgin Mary's home and tells her that she is carrying a child. They watch an evil King Herod, who plots to kill the newborn. Finally, they arrive at the manger, standing close enough to touch the crying baby Jesus.
Read the full article here.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fox News to Broadcast Rick Warren

Fox News is set to broadcast the Saddleback services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Below you can see a few more ways that Rick and company will help others encounter the true meaning of Christmas this year.

  • Fox News will broadcast “Christmas with Rick Warren” multiple times on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • The US Armed Forces Network will broadcast “The Purpose of Christmas” (last year’s Saddleback service) for all troops around the world to watch!
  • All Wal-Marts and Sam’s Club are broadcasting “The Meaning of Christmas” a message by me, along with Christmas carols by the Salvation Army, on all their in-store TV screens.
  • Good Morning America is broadcasting our roundtable about “The Good News of Christmas” on Christmas Day.

And from my humble home to yours, may you experience the joy of Christ this Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Topeka Bible Church Light Show

Check out this video of an amazing light show with live music (coming from musicians stationed in the windows of the church). This is a church my mother attends in Topeka, KS. Pretty impressive.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Organic Church Movements Conference

The registration just opened a few days ago for the Organic Church Movements Conference 2008. Join Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch and company in Ontario, California this February. I'll see ya there.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Preparations for Mexico City Transformation Underway

I met with David Tamez again today, along with my cohort Craig Johring. David is the director of the Purpose Driven network in all of Latin America. We began to talk more seriously about transforming Mexico City and what needs to happen prior to Rick Warren's arrival in August. In February, David will pull together 100 of the most influential Christians and denominational leaders so we can share the vision with them.

I would never have guessed that in a year and a half we would be in this position. What an incredible adventure and humbling experience. God give us wisdom.

Keith Bubalo, Campus Crusade's national director of the worldwide student network (WSN), had this to say about the Enfoque México endeavor:
Enfoque México is a giant step of faith for all of us involved. We are trusting that God will bring awakening and revival in this great city with over 1 million students. We are taking action, believing that He will lead us to students who will be the leaders of the next generation in Mexico and Latin America. I've never been part of a kingdom effort that is so compelling in its urgency and scope.

Again...very humbling.

Life Transformation Group Multiplication

Bryan Baggett from Hattiesburg, MS, found my LTG brochure through Google a few weeks ago. Just two months ago he started a group with a few buddies. In that time period the group has multiplied once and will multiply again soon. He took my LTG brochure and put a different spin on it, while gearing it toward 30 somethings. Download a copy of it here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Real Glow in the Dark Cats?

In an effort to develop treatments for human genetic diseases, South Korean scientists have cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene which, you guessed it, causes them to glow in the dark.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shooting at YWAM Base in Denver

Please pray for Youth With A Mission and their staff as details unfold of a shooting that occurred just after midnight at their base in Denver. Two are dead, one critically wounded and another shot in the legs.

This comes alongside another report of a shooting outside of New Life Church in Colorado Springs that took the lives of four people. Lift them up in prayer.

Mexican Telethon Seeks to Raise $40 Million

For the past 11 years, Mexico has held a telethon to raise money for rehabilitation centers for handicapped children. Headquartered in Mexico City, El Teletón, sought to raise $420, 369, 748 (MEX) by midnight tonight. That equates to nearly $40 Million (US).

Although they came up a little short at midnight, I imagine they'll soon reach their goal.

This fund-raising campaign brings together businesses, musicians, celebrities and politicians from around the country. It's neat to see how many people come together to help these kids. Even the President, Felipe Calderón, showed up at the event. Unity has incredible power.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mayhem on the Ice

What happens when you put 1,200 people who have never seen snow on a big sheet of ice? You can just imagine.

The Mexico City paramedics have treated 30 people after only 3 days of ice skating on Mexico City's newest and largest rink. One gentleman even suffered a broken nose and had to be taken to the hospital. That's a bummer way to finish the day after standing in line for three hours.

The government trained 33 of Mexico City's finest for duty on the ice. You can watch a video of their training here.

Massive Mexico City Ice Rink Takes Some Heat

First it was imported beaches, now it's three large ice rinks. In Mexico City's historic center and the world's second largest city square, El Zócalo, you will find a rink boasting 3,000 square meters of ice. The local government spent over $1,000,000 (US) on this rink alone. One of the American contractors that installed the rink explained that 10 large chillers keep the ice cool, 8 of which the Mexico City government purchased. The company also brought in two Zamboni's to keep the ice nice and neat.

Although thousands turned out for the fireworks and laser light show that inaugurated the rink, not everyone is happy with the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the luxury. In a survey conducted by one of Mexico City's newspapers, El Universal, 60% of the capital city residents oppose the rink, in contrast to only 30% in favor of it.

Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, like most Mexico City mayors, has his eyes set on the presidency. But his summer beaches and ice rinks may not gain him the popularity he had hoped in a city where millions of people live on less than $5 a day.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Like Mike (Huckabee)

I've waited long enough. After digging through all the issues and listening to the candidates, I have chosen my favorite (thus far) in the 2008 presidential race. I have liked Mike Huckabee from the beginning, and just today, former "long shot" Mike Huckabee, the governor of Arkansas, has passed Rudy Giuliani as the front runner for the GOP presidential ticket.

This guy is watertight on the moral issues and has a great perspective on revamping our health care and tax structure, while protecting the country that we all love. Take a look and see what you think.

Let me make one additional comment. I have found a few recent endorsements of political candidates somewhat unbelievable, like Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, calling him the best candidate to handle the War on Terror - hogwash. Robertson's move seemed to me like a spineless push to join the frontrunner's party, probably to ensure the Republicans beat the Democrats; a little ironic given the fact that Robertson's ministry has been fighting most of the moral issues that Giuliani stands for (pro-choice and pro-civil unions). Looks like he jumped on the bandwagon just as it was slowing down.

How about we vote for people, not based on their political party or their odds of winning, but on what they believe in and stand for. That's my vote. Make an informed decision.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rick Warren Joining Us in Mexico City

This just confirmed...Rick Warren will come to Mexico City August 6 - 7 to join us at our citywide transformation conference! We're believing God to see influential leaders from nine different sectors of the city gather together to talk about transforming this massive place. What we need most is for God to show up in a big way. Pray for it!


If you didn't know about the new airline Skybus, you're missing out on some sweet deals. These guys cut out all the frills, but they know how to fly cheaply and comfortably. I've heard great things so far.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Man Behind "Bella"

If you haven't seen the movie Bella yet, plan a trip to the theaters. The leading actor in the movie, Eduardo Verástegui has a great story. Very talented guy...toured Latin America with the famous group Kairo before going solo and performing to sold out crowds in 13 countries. He starred in 5 major telenovelas (the big Mexican soap operas) and has appeared on hundreds of international magazine covers, inluding People En Español, which voted him one of 50 Most Beautiful People.

Sometime in the midst of all of that and acting in the United States, he surrendered his life to Christ and began to work only on movies that give a wholesome message. Thus comes "Bella". Watch Eduardo's story below.

Mexican 300

Too funny. You gotta watch this great parody of the movie 300. Hopefully everyone finds it as humorous as I did.