Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jason's Deli

I've spent the past four days in San Antonio, TX for a training conference and came away impressed by a deli near the hotel. Just before I left for Mexico City last September, I began to study how diet affects our energy levels and our health. I remember telling several people that whoever figures out how to do organic fast food would break into a prosperous market. Well, someone's figuring it out.

On April 15, 2005 Jason's Deli eliminated hydrogenated oils from their food and have begun adding organic foods to their menu. The process began almost seven years ago.

Once the deli decided to remove hydrogenated oils from their menu, they turned to their research and develop department to figure out how to make it happen. It took them two years to convert 47 ingredients found in many of their 80 menu items.

In order to make it happen, they had to convince their suppliers to change their ways. And guess what...they did. That's just the power of one fast-casual restaurant chain. The power of one.

USA Today published their story. You can read it at


Ethan & Terah said...

I'm no fan of tree hugging or organic anything (except church of course) but I must say Jason's was pretty darned good. Terah got a California somthing or other and I was AMAZED at how good it tasted. I got a turkey rueben which should probably be banned in the U.S., but that's just because some things need to be bad for a reuben. Change the world bro.


Jessica (Tash) Caughey said...

I love Jason's Deli! We have several here in the Valley of the Sun! Joe, it's been great to read your blog and all that is happening in Mexico... seems like a good fit.