Sunday, January 28, 2007

Birthday in the Mountains

I celebrated my 27th birthday on the 20th of this month. I had a blast riding horses in the mountains just outside of Mexico City with the team.

So, the deal is, you just pull up to this place and a few guys bring out some horses to you and away you go. No helmets, no safety instructions, and no guide! Awesome! No risk management division with these guys. It's a good thing that Jason (my roommate) had some experience riding horses because his horse had a little temper that came out when she tried to kick one of the other horses. Good times.


Steve Van Diest said...

I love it. Happy b day. I wish I was there for this too.

- john said...

OK good one. Now do it in Spanish, mi hermano. :)

Mams said...

Wish I could share a day of horseback riding with my favorite son. You're a natural by the way.

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